Never forget a gate code again!

GateShark is easy to use. Using GPS location data from your phone, GateShark delivers gate codes stored by you or your group of friends to your fingertips in seconds. No more searching for gate codes!


GateShark is easy to use and will adapt to many custom workflows. If you are a lone salesman, or an army of repair professionals, our system will help you recall your gate codes and save you time and money!


GateShark allows you to store gate codes and retrieve them when you arrive at the same gate again. In addition, the same gate code will be shared with users within your account as well as other users you define.


The gate codes you store are not public, and will not be shared except to the users you have defined. We value the security of private communities and strive to make gate access easier while maintaining privacy of gate codes.


GateShark also allows gate codes to be added using our web interface in an office setting allowing secretaries and office managers to add gates for field workers.


GateShark is clean, intuitive, and easy to use, and easy to set up!

Just get the code!

The mobile app is as easy as that! Upon arrival, open the app and push the button! Using your location the app will deliver the code!

Add codes from your desktop

Secretaries and Office Managers are able to add gate codes from their desks, eliminating the need for service tech’s to dig through piles of work orders at gates.

Add a few shark buddies

There is no shame in collaborating. Adding another trusted company you deal with frequently as a “Shark Buddy” allows them to see your gate codes and you to see their gate codes. Share responsibly.


Billing couldn’t be easier! Find the plan below that best suits your needs.

Billed $40 USD annually
  • 1 user only*
  • Unlimited gates and codes
  • Up to 3 shark buddies
Small Business
Billed $99 USD annually
  • Up to 3 users*
  • Unlimited gates and codes
  • Up to 5 shark buddies
Billed $150 USD annually
  • Up to 6 users*
  • Unlimited gates and codes
  • Up to 10 shark buddies
Billed $300 USD annually
  • Up to 20 users*
  • Unlimited gates and codes
  • Unlimited shark buddies
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Have community gate codes at your fingertips! Save time and money by saving and recalling community gate codes you or your associates use either frequently, or infrequently.


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